As we express our gratitude [to our veterans], we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.

- President John F. Kennedy

As citizens of the United States, we owe a debt to those who fought for our security and supported our freedom. However, many of the veterans in our own community need our support to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. The goal of Help The Veterans is to give back to our veterans and to show our gratitude to the heroes of our nation.

Almost Sunrise

Help the Veterans had several screenings of the film Almost Sunrise over the past year at The Charter School of Wilmington, Christiana and Wilmington Hospitals. The screenings made a powerful impact on our diverse audience. They were attended by several public officials including US Senator Chris Coons as well as veteran leaders, healthcare professionals, and high school students.


The film is an epic story of two Iraq war veterans and their incredible journey of hope and healing as they trek 2,700 miles across America.


  Here is the trailer of Almost Sunrise



Below are the News Journal links about Help The Veterans and Almost Sunrise film from earlier this year along with an article of Help The Veterans from Almost Sunrise



    Project Welcome Home Troops

    Help the Veterans is now partnering with Project Welcome Home Troops, in order to combat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, and a high suicide rate among veterans and servicemen.


     Here is a video about the Project Welcome Home Workshop



    We extend an invitation for all veterans to attend these workshops which are free of cost. Our next workshop will take place from August 1st-5th. Please contact us if you are interested.
    For more information, click 
    here .

    The response we recieved from our last workshop in December was incredibly heart-warming and inspiring.

    To see the testimonials from the veterans click here.



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    For more information about Project Welcome Home Troops click here


    Fox News shows recent information on combating PTSD. To learn more, click here

    Mental Health

    The National Institute of Health estimates that about 20% of the 2 million veterans returning from Iraq & Afghanistan will suffer from PTSD and depression. 20 veterans commit suicide everyday, and more veterans have died by committing suicide than those killed in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. For this past year, Help The Veterans' focus has been on mental health issues such as PTSD and moral injury. Through our recent efforts of screening of the film Almost Sunrise and organizing the Power Breath Meditation Workshop, we hope to actively engage with our community and find solutions for our veterans.

    How you can donate

    Help The Veterans  is a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible organization in partnership with
    Delaware Community Foundation.


    All donors will receive tax-deductible receipt.


    For credit card donations, click here


    Checks should be made payable to: "Help The Veterans/DCF" and mailed to:

         Delaware Community Foundation

        100 W. 10th Street, Suite 115

         Wilmington, DE- 19899


    If you choose to, please indicate in the memo line one of the following purposes for which you would like the money to be used. 

    1. Project Welcome Home Troop Workshop for veterans and servicemen
    2. Comfort items and cleaning supplies
    3. Providing transportation to veterans needing medical care


    Each and every dollar contributed is used directly to help our veterans. There is no management fee or any overhead costs.



    About Us


    Students and schools from across the country are participating in this cause:

    Hamilton High School, Arizona:      Sachin Jaishankar

    Charter School of Wilmington, Delaware:   Meera Garg, Raghav Garg, Mary McCann

    The Tatnall School, Delaware:        Juliana Campbell

    Rising Sun High School, Maryland:    Erika O’Brien

    Cedar Hill Prep School, New Jersey:    Ganesh Acharaya, Komal Acharaya

    Syosset High School, New York:      Valerie Kong

    Olentangy High School, Ohio:        Jhanvi Garg

    The Independence School, Delaware        Student Government

    Odyssey Charter School, Delaware


    Community Organizations:

    Delaware Joining Forces

    Project Welcome Home Troops

    Remax Realty

    Stop Soldier Suicide


    Delaware Community Foundation


    About the Founder

    Help The Veterans was started by Meera Garg in 2013 in order to raise awareness among our communities about giving back to our nation's heroes and providing greater support for our veterans. Inspired by stories that her mother, who works at the Wilmington VA Hospital, shared about the difficult conditions some of our veterans face, Meera aims to expand this initiative and provide greater aid and support to veterans in Delaware and across the country.